Thursday, 17 January 2013

Something We ALL Want

Something we all want
some of us are lucky enough to have a girl that WILL do this
and some of us don't... i luckily do....

Anyway... here is... ANOTHER GIRL WHO DOES...

The animation is 6mb, once its fully loaded it will loop xXx

He had NO IDEA his sister had noticed a pubic hair on her knickers & as she shaves she sure new it wasn't her,  dad had left months ago, that just left her brother & oo boy was he in for a shock...
She'd came home early from her date and caught him naked in her room, when shes done with his ass, he'll get to clean out her dates cum from her....
Then she wants to see him dressed in the clothes OF HERS, that he had chosen to wear...
He doesn't no the web cam is running, but she's going to black mail him & his life wont be the same again!!!!!

She's telling him that she is So happy to get that sister she always wanted, double dating will be so cool and mum will be really happy to have someone to do the cleaning & the washing up, no more having to tidy my room. But first i have to get you ready for the double dating because some guys are really big.. mmm your going to love it sis....


  1. Replies
    1. ive added a caption under it now to xXx

  2. WOW I want her for my girlfriend

  3. alla trannies love hard strapon attac

    1. very true, i love it when my g/f takes me, but real cock is fun to xXx