Tuesday, 16 July 2013

She Shows Him How Bad He Is

When you ask your X G/F why she no longer loves you
and then she tells you its easier to show you than to tell you..

she takes him to bed and pulls out a sound meter
she tells him to fuck her.. 
the meter reaches 0.2 with her moans

Then she calls in Ben....
when her X see's the light going into the red
he just hides his face with shame

while ben hides 12.7 Inches in her....

And why would a girl settle for anything less than red lights


  1. Hey good for Her. If you love her n truly love Her, you want Her to be happy. You know that all Women n real men are above you in the chain of life. Your there for one thing n that's for Her complete happiness.

    With any luck She'll let you clean Her up n maybe find Her sissy Cumslut princess a few of her own boyfriends, besides the joy you'll get pleasuring Her